There comes a time for most artists when we have to muster up the courage to produce our own work. This is both a rewarding and heart aching experience. There have been times I have collaborated with great artists and yet all of us still share this feeling of doubt/insecurity about our work. We truly are our own worst critic: “Is this even good?”, “What if no one watches this?” I know it’s hard to not think about such things, but we’re limiting ourselves from reaching our full potential here. Making that first step forward in the creation process will truly move us closer to achieving complete freedom as an artist. That first step is finding a creative work space.

Imagine this: you have written something you’d like to produce, hopefully something you feel passionate about. Now imagine you have funding (YAY!), a stage manager, producer, and some actors. Fantastic! Now comes the next hard part, a rehearsal space. This shouldn’t be too hard, right? I can just use my own space! Not so fast.

Depending on how many actors you have and if you’re living, like most artists, in the city, rehearsing in your tiny bedroom with 5-6 people may be stuffy. The up side is that you have funding which means you have options. Of course, we welcome the budget friendly artist who would rather spend the extra dollars elsewhere. Well, look no further. I present to you, studios/theatres to book your rehearsals in!

Mississauga Community Centres

Photo by Tyler Callahan

Mississauga has plenty of community centres spread out across the city. They even have a few theatre spaces in addition to the Living Arts Centre that you can rent with a complete thrust stage. The Mississauga page has a detailed list of rental options available depending on your needs. Most rooms can fill 8-10 people while others can go up to 20+. Due to the community centres being in service to the community, their fees are quite reasonable (Have actual fees) . A great option to check out if you have a bigger cast to work with.

For more info on the community centres click here.

Theatre Erindale Studio

A photo of the outside of Theatre Erindale's studio, a creative work space in Mississauga.
Photo by Jan Böttinger

Located at the University of Toronto Mississauga, the school offers summer rentals for their theatre space (There are 2 theatres in U0fT Mist studio Erindale is not a blackbox, they are a Proscenium). This is a black box theatre with a seating capacity of up to 90 seats. It is equipped with a full lighting system and a state of the art sound system. The studio also includes FOUR rehearsal halls available to rent fully during the summer – they do offer rentals during the regular school year, but it’s limited.

For more info on Theatre Studio Erindale, click here.

3359 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga, ON L5L 1C6

City Dance Centre

A photo of ballerinas practicing in their creative work space, a dance studio.
Photo By Suhyeon Choi

This is considered one of the hottest drop in studios in the city. For those who may be producing a musical, or looking for a dance space, the City Dance Centre offers a 1200ft studio for rental. A great space that can accommodate more than 15 people at a time and very budget friendly.

For more info on City Dance Centre, click here.

68-5359 Timberlea Blvd Mississauga, ON L4W 4N5

City Parks

A photo of three friends chatting in another creative work space, a park.
Photo by Prima Prottasha

I have done this a few times and it’s worked like a charm. Rehearsing in parks is great if your production has more of a Shakespeare in The Park vibe (outdoors). These are great spaces for actors to learn and adjust to having an audience early on in the rehearsal process outside of showtime so it’s less of a rude awakening. This is also a great space to honestly just vibe with nature – actors do their best work when they are grounded, and the city parks offer an environment that delivers that. And lastly, it’s completely budget friendly!

For more information on City Parks, click here.

This is just a guideline, there are many creative spaces available to work out of in our city. The library offers comfortable meeting spaces to work in and if you’re in post-secondary school, there is enough space on campus. Beware though, you might be taking space away that is already occupied by another artist. If you have looked at all these options and still can’t find something nice, perhaps someone’s parents will allow you and your team to work in their kitchen. And whoever was able to snag that deal, please, don’t be that person who doesn’t leave the space the way they found it!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you later. I’m heading out to Erindale Park to practice my STELLA cry!


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