Perhaps you clicked on this article because you would like to know where you can flex your inner Picasso without having to travel all the way to Toronto. If you forget about the obvious cost of transportation, there are many studio options in the city to pick from. A quick Google search usually only presents the more well known studios, which may be more expensive than a studio provided by an indie shop or community centre. Lucky for us; Mississauga has plenty of art classes and workshops across the city to choose from.

Photo by Kelli Tungay

Most of the following places provide classes to all ages with a select few dedicated to children. The great thing about these classes, there is no commitment to a weekly program which might be daunting for some. Instead, most studios have a drop in rate per class which gives a chance to test out multiple studios. If you are also looking for a cool date night with that special someone, these drop in classes can be a great ice breaker. Check them out below!


iCreate Art Studio/

Established since 2008, iCreate Arts Studio provides fun interactive painting sessions. Currently the studio has paint workshops through out the month for as low as $25 for 1.5hrs. Want a virtual learning experience? iCreate has a 5 – week online session for only $110, now that’s a great price! Please check their site for more info.

Studio Pavas/

Just off Lakeshore, this studio is home to many art disciplines such as dance, drama, music and of course, art. The studio hosts an art showcase in the spring and adult classes with seasoned professionals.

ZB Music Art School/

This studio boasts itself as a music & art school, a great place for students to learn both skills from a classically trained instructor. As of right now, the studio has online art classes for all ages, including seniors. Prices range from as low as $35-45 a month for youth and $55 a class for adults.


Lidia’s Fine Art Studio/

A strong focus on fostering play within children, this studio will inspire the inner artist in your child. For only $25, you can enjoy a one on one session with instructor, Lidia Codreanu over zoom. Worth checking out!

Visual Arts Mississauga At Riverwood/

A non-profit organization servicing the Mississauga community with multiple programs. They have online classes ranging from $10 for a day to $175 for 5 to 6 weeks.


Studio Paint Bar /

For adults who are looking to have a fun wine and paint night, this is the place for you. This studio takes pride in having fun and creating an atmosphere for everyone to feel relaxed and allow creativity to flow! No need to book before hand, walk ins are welcomed and the price is according to the size of the canvas starting at $28. Be right back, going to paint the night away!

Little Expressions /

An art studio that guides toddlers through fun engaging paint classes. Expect your little one to get their hands and feet dirty, literally. Classes are as low as $16 a class for the first child and $8 for additional siblings.

The Orange Door /

This gem of a studio has workshops, after school programs and so much more for kids. What about adults? I think you’re going to like this one, they have one class where you get the chance to paint a wooden paddle for only $55. Trust, this will come in handy come next summer. Canoe trip with the squad? C’mon!


Kaleidoscope Arts Studio/

Headed by life long artist and owner, Jenni Morley, the studio has multiple classes taught by different instructors throughout the year. As low as $27 a class, you can bring your friends and spend an evening painting on a Friday night.

This is a good list to start with and try your hand at painting as a fun activity. You never know, after a few classes you might be inspired to continue. And if you are still struggling to find your inspiration, I will then leave you with this quote by one of the world’s most renowned painters.

“I never paint dreams or nightmares. I paint my own reality.”

-Frida Kahlo


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