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You might be asking yourself, where can I go to get the scoop on what’s happening in the world of theatre? Well, did you know that there are whole blogs dedicated such a thing? There are many cool and fascinating theatre blogs to be discovered from around the world. Here is a top 5 list of unique theatre blogs from around the world that will keep you in the performative arts loop!


Starting off the list we have Intermission, a Toronto based theatre blog which was created by The Company Theatre. On the Intermission website, you can find information about theatre from the greater Toronto area, Canada, and even the world. Intermission is great for theatre reviews and aims to connect audiences with artists on and off stage. When looking at their website, make sure to take a look at their What’s On section. There you will find different listings for online zoom plays, poetry, and other awesome ways to stay connected and enjoy theatre during the pandemic.

PLAYBILL (America)

Playbill is a great resource for all things Broadway, off-Broadway, regional, and London theatre. They are a go to for anyone who wants to stay up to date with the theatre world, but primarily focuses on New York theatre. On their website, you can find interviews from theatre stars, tickets to shows, holiday gifts, and even job postings in the industry. Playbill is the perfect guide for Broadway lovers. Their YouTube channel is filled with a delightful amount of entertainment and news. Below is a video of 10 Must-Know Choreographic Moments Emblematic of Broadway Dance!

10 Must-Know Choreographic Moments Emblematic of Broadway Dance (Playbill, YouTube)


West End Wilma, located in London, England, was created in 2012 and has a fun back story. Ed Baker and his mother created the blog using the pseudonym “Wilma,” and wanted to bring the essence of an older woman who loved going out and enjoying theatre in the West End of England. By January 2017, Ed Baker finally opened up about how he was the person who started the blog. On their website, you can find show reviews within the UK and internationally. The West End Wilma bloggers are advocates for accessibility within theatre, and they also host their own award ceremony called, The West End Wilma Awards, to celebrate UK theatre. How cool is that? Check out West End Wilma’s twitter page when you get the chance.

West End Wilma (Twitter)


The Glasgow Theatre Blog in Glasgow, Scotland, is run by Lauren Humphreyz. This website is great for news and reviews in Glasgow, and international reviews as well. A UK blogging website, Vuelio, called Glasgow Theatre one of the top 10 UK theatre blogs (along with West End Wilma) in 2020. On their website, Lauren has the latest on what to watch, show reviews, and theatre seat reviews. Lauren’s aim is to get people informed about up-and-coming acts and encourages everyone and anyone to get in contact with them so they can review your production!

SUZY GOES SEE (Australia)

Suzy Goes See, is a blog located in Sydney Australia. The creator, Suzy Wrong, grew up in Singapore. She started off as an actor, then moved to Sydney for Theatre & Film Studies at the University of New South Wales, where she decided to become a theatre critic and blogger. She covers shows and independent theatre. She reviews roughly 200 shows a year, and has review requests from venues all around Sydney. She also sits on the panel of the Sydney Theatre Awards. Suzy’s blog started in 2013 and has taken off since then. Be sure to check out her website, and Suzy’s Facebook!

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