Online Theatre Shows to Check Out

It is a strange time we are living in where most businesses are closed down, including our beloved theatres. Now I'm not talking about movie theatres, though they are also closed. Unfortunately, I'm talking...

What are the Jessie Awards?

The Jessie Awards: What is it? Who is Jessie? Those were the first two questions that popped into my mind when someone at work casually mentioned it to me. Growing up as an Ontarian,...

Kariya Park: The Fantastic Number One Photography Destination for Cosplayers!

This article is a description of how Kariya Park is the number one hotspot for photographers and cosplayers in Mississauga.

Make a Zine: A Fun & Easy Way to Spend an Afternoon

Presenting the art and history of fanzines to all ages including artists, art lovers, and general public worldwide.

How to become an actor, director and crew member – success in ten easy...

See what I did? Thank you, contemporary journalism: you taught me everything I need to know about clickbait headlines. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but "become an actor in ten easy steps" isn't...

The Remarkable Non-Linear Journey of Drive-In Theatres

A look back at the timeline of history of the ups and downs of drive-in theatres in North America.

Should you worry about long-term prospects as a professional artist?

So I'm betting a lot of you read this blog because you're interested in art, creativity, etc. - maybe you want to be employed as a working artist. Perhaps you've gone to school for...

Unique Local Bookstores in Mississauga

A detailed introduction to local bookstores in the City of Mississauga to nationwide audiences.

Five Black Canadian Playwrights That Stand Out

Read any plays by Black Canadian playwrights lately? Here is a valuable list of five incredibly talented playwrights to look into! Djanet Sears Djanet Sears, a Toronto playwright originally born in London, England. She has written...

Where does creativity come from?

I have talked about creativity a lot on here. What is its function in society? What purpose does it serve? Is it worth pursuing as a career, despite the hardships involved in attempting to do so? Can it be therapeutic? In this article I raise another question: Where does creativity come from?