About Us

Mississauga Arts Guide is an independent digital platform dedicated to artists and general public interested in arts and culture in Mississauga. 

Who are you?

We exist for the artists and are created by the artists. We are affiliated to Crane Creations Theatre Company, a Mississauga based professional theatre company by sharing space and 


What we do

We support local, Mississauga based artists by maintaining and managing a digital domain and user interface located at www.artsguide.ca,. We build Mississauga’s online arts community by inviting artists, culture workers and general public to promote their activities, learn about the arts and culture and engage in conversation about the arts.

What kind of content do you publish?

Articles, research, events, profiles of Mississauga based artists, companies and people contributing to the arts, non profits, volunteers, businesses and patrons involved in the production, promotion or distribution of the arts, listings of useful services and products for artists, and a little bit of advertising. Our content is more than 90% original content. 

Is the content only about Mississauga based artists and companies?

Of course not! We have a section of our platform called inspiration and there we love to post images, video and articles about inspiring artists and their work from all around the world. 

Do I have to be a Mississauga resident to contribute content?

Preferably yes, but we are open to writers living outside of Mississauga who are in some way connected to the arts in Mississauga either by being former residents, audience members, or visitors at an event in Mississauga.

Can I become involved?

Of course!

There are 3 ways to work with us:

  • You know exactly what you would like to write

Excellent! Email us or call us and we will help you set up your own account on Mississauga Arts Guide. You can write articles, post artwork calls, auditions, jobs, volunteer calls or anything else you would like to contribute. We will provide you with rough guidelines on length, picture sizes and other technicalities, as well as proofread your article, edit if needed, and help you shape an awesome looking article. Content is up to you, as long as it is arts and culture related and you are not advocating to cause harm or discriminate against fellow humans.

  • You would love to write…but need an idea what to write about

Fantastic! We have lots of ideas about articles that need to be written and we are happy to coach you how to improve your writing. This might be a good way to start your writers portfolio, gain experience or simply try something new. 

  • Not quite sure what to do but would like to be involved somehow?

No worries at all! We can always find ways how to include anyone. Send us an email or even better call us and we are happy to help you discover how can you be involved.

Will I get paid for writing?

It depends on the content. 

For longer articles involving research and original editorial work we do pay a honorarium. Job/arts/audition posts, event listings and promotional articles, directory like basic information and profiles are not remunerated because they are essentially free marketing for your company. 

Do you partner with local non profits as a media sponsor?

Of course!

We love to support local artists and non profits. That is why we are here for. If you are a local artist or non profit looking for ideas how to better promote your work join us for our in person training sessions or give us a call. We are always happy to help. 

Do you partner with artists on grants?

Yes, absolutely! 

We are very aware how important it is to have partners in order to be successful at obtaining grant. Arts Guide is happy to partner on grant application as a media partner. If you would like to receive a comprehensive package how we can help please sign up here. (link to the sign up part about the newsletter) 


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