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Trilingual Actor, Stage Manager, Creator based in Toronto and Montreal.
Learn about the Creative Hub in Mississauga, the events it hosts and the fascinating history of the building.
Humans beings depend on communication. Imagine losing the ability to speak either partially or completely in one day. In Canada, the reality is, over 100 000 people are currently dealing with Aphasia and trying to regain control over the...
Looking for activities to do that include getting creative and learning new skills? The City of Mississauga has lots of locally available workshops and classes that you can be a part of. Find classes that you can participate in...
Port Credit Buskerfest has been a staple of Mississauga summer programming for over a decade. For three days each summer, the Port Credit village (along Lakeshore between Stavebank Road and Mohawk Street) is taken over by entertainers from all...
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