By: Jessica Bowmer

As artists, we are living in a very isolating time where most auditions are online, zoom meetings are the meet-up destination and living in quarantine for 14 days after being on set is the new norm. As an actor, last minute auditions and learning lines is generally a nightmare without any help, especially if you live alone. Luckily, we are living in a new age of technology, internet, wifi and apps! This makes it possible to work on your own when you would normally need the help of a friend. Below is a list of apps you can download on your android or iphone. Not only for memorizing lines and to create self-tapes but for any production organization and design. They’re all quick and easy! Let’s make your life a little less stressful and more productive.


Actors Access – This is an account you probably already have

online. You can download the app for quick access to the latest

auditions for film, commercial, print and theatre. Posted by

professional casting directors. Submit yourself for an

audition quickly through this app!

Casting Workbook – Another casting site you probably already

have an account with. Find gigs, upload self tapes and notify

your agent any time you want.

Backstage Casting – This app is for actors, models, singers and

dancers. Find casting calls in your own country. It does require a

monthly, six month or annual membership.

Self Tapes

MySelfTape – An app with a three step process. Record, edit, encode. It was designed by an actor to make self-taping easy and affordable. Fill in your slate information, record your audition and the rest is put together for you. Once the self tape is completed you can download your video to your files or send it directly to your agent.

Shoot Me – Very similar to MySelfTape but with a few more features. You can create your own profile, adjust your lighting an title each take. Once you’re done recording and editing your self-tape, send it through your email, dropbox or vimeo.


Rehearsal Pro – A very popular app that you might have heard of before. You can record your lines and play them back with a teleprompter. If you’re feeling more confident you can turn on a feature called “blackout mode” that will test you on your lines. Useful for memorizing full-length scripts and short sides for auditions.

WeAudition – If you’re looking for online live help, this is the app for you. Connect with actors, performers and industry experts to rehearse your lines. When you’re ready to practice the app will give you instant access with your reader.

Scene Partner – Upload your own script or choose an e-Script from a selection of Samuel French, Dramatist Play Service, or Music Theatre International. It allows you to listen to lines using your own voice or from a selection of male or female voices listed in the app.

My Lines – Memorize your lines by looking or listening to them through this app. When you are ready to be off-book it allows you to listen to your cue lines and respond back.

Stage Management

Pocket Call Sheet – This app allows you to create industry-professional call sheets for any production you are working on. Distribute cast and crew schedules on the go and have them signed off online.

eSET – It provides over 2000 glossary terms related to production, lighting and sound. Essential for those who are new to the performing arts vocabulary.

ShowToolSM – Provides tools required for a stage manager. These include: databases for spikes and marks, checklists, a show timer, prop lists, plus more.

Theatre Blocking – Provides a simple way of blocking a theatre space, whether that is for a rehearsal or performance. It allows you to move backwards and forwards between blocks and includes stage layout options and colour selections.

GenieLux – This app will help you find a variety of models for videos, lighting, audios and any production gear you require. It includes an inventory of vendors close to your location, by using GPS, that you can purchase or rent material from.

Stagehand Pro – Designed specifically for stagehands! It uploads light beams and DIP switch calculations, as well includes tools such as pin outs, a colour calculator, and a watts to amps convertor.


Q Lab – A popular device in the production world. A lighting, sound and video control system all on your phone. It’s very flexible and easy to learn for first-timers. Once you’re done with your design all you have to do is press play and let the show begin!

Go Button – This app was created by the same makers of QLab. A more simple way to play sound effects and music for a live performance.

Mad Mapper – If you are looking for a mapping software this is a great app to look into. It provides advance mapping tools for any live performance, whether it’s a production, a video projection, or an art installation.

Canva – This app provides templates for any design you wish to create. It includes millions of images, photo filters, hundreds of fonts and free icons and shapes.

Technical Theatre Assistant – A carpentry app to save time on your latest projects. It generates cut lists and diagrams for set pieces, and includes a calculator.


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