Among the monotony of industrial buildings and traffic jams on Hurontario Street, vibrancy can be found in the ever-growing arts scene here in Mississauga. That’s where photographer Shireen Khan comes in. Having lived in Mississauga their whole life, Shireen’s body of work is a mosaic of nostalgia, hidden beauty, and the bustling local music scene in our city.

So who is Shireen Khan?

This local freelance photographer is a Sheridan College graduate–they participated in such programs as General Arts & Science, Business, and Marketing, and then later decided to continue their education in Basic and Intermediate photography. Shireen works primarily with GTA musicians, they can be found snapping photos at concerts or shooting promo photos for local bands. Alternatively, they work with models and folks in the area needing to beef up their social media profiles. They use both digital and analog photography, the latter of which lends itself to Shireen’s unique style, which they describe as “sentimental.” They tend to stray away from highly stylized/curated shoots in favour of candid moments–it is important to Shireen that their subjects feel at ease during a shoot and walk away feeling good.

Shireen’s Work

A huge part of Shireen’s work is promoting and highlighting diversity in the GTA, choosing mainly BIPOC, queer, and disabled subjects. By day, they work for a local not-for-profit vegan cafe called Studio.89, which allows them to blend their love of coffee with photography and social justice work. They not only utilize their skills to produce work for Studio.89’s social media pages, but have even started their own “Photography Show & Tell” event–Shireen describes this as an “open mic for photographers” to show case their work regardless of skill level or experience.



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